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Compliance Assistance: About Us

Compliance Assistance: About Us

About Compliance Assistance

For many years, employers have been struggling with ensuring that all required labor laws are displayed in their workplace. With the vast abundance of labor laws, riddled as they are with various nuances, it’s easy to get confused and suddenly find yourself subject to multiple fines due to noncompliance.

With this tangled situation in mind, Compliance Assistance was founded in 2007 to offer a reliable and affordable solution that we call All-in-One posters. This answer provides small, medium, and large businesses across the country with a way to easily order all required federal and their states’ labor laws in a single, compact labor law poster. Our employees are intimately aware of the flow of labor law changes and have years of experience dealing with the various government agencies.

Of the many tenants we began our business with, offering low rates for our products ranks high in our priorities. This goal has never wavered in the past seven years, and is proven by the simple fact that our prices have not changed since the company’s creation. We’re proud to say that our products are significantly less expensive than that of our competitors’, while the quality of the posters we offer continue to match and exceed the industry standards. Our posters are also always up to date, ensuring your safety from fines and penalties.

Our high quality services are proven by the fact that in a mere seven years, compared to the fifteen plus years of experience our competitors have, we’ve achieved a popularity equal to that of their own. Our BBB accredited business is also a Google Trusted Store, which certifies that we provide an outstanding shopping experience, including excellent customer service and reliable, on-time shipping. In addition, we also boast a 4.8 Stars feedback rating on Amazon.

The following is a brief chart outlining the comparisons between our federal and state labor law poster prices and those of our most popluar competitors:

Company Name Pricing
Our Price $24.99
Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute $38.95
Labor Law Compliance Center $29.95
Poster Compliance $48.50
Personal Concepts $42.95

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2016 labor law poster promotion

2016 State and Federal all in one labor law posters. Full color, laminated. $24.99

Language combos come in 2 separate posters. Each poster is an all-in-one for one language. You pay a discounted price when ordering combos.
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