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Massachusetts Labor Law Poster

24" x 34" All In One Laminated

2019 Massachusetts Labor Law Poster - State and Federal All In One

Massachusetts State and Federal All In One labor law workplace poster includes all notices required to be displayed in the workplace by the Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development, in addition to federal labor laws. Compliance Assistance offers durable, convenient and quality compliance posters with amazing customer service. All federal and state posters are available in both English and Spanish. Save money when you purchase the English and Spanish labor law poster combo set.

In order for your business to be in labor law compliance, both federal and state laws must be posted in a conspicuous location at every work site. Purchase the 2019 Massachusetts Labor Law poster with our Compliance Protection Plan and frequent labor law changes. Our Protection plan provides you with year-round coverage of labor law changes, giving you less reason to worry about being up-to-date.

Massachusetts State Labor Law Requirements:

  • Massachusetts Fair Employment Law
  • Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation
  • Massachusetts Minimum Wage    Includes The New 2019 Min Wage
  • Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance
  • Earned Sick Time
  • Massachusetts Parental Leave
  • Temporary Worker
  • Massachusetts Maternity Leave
  • Domestic Worker Rights
  • Massachusetts Paid Sick Leave

Federal Labor Law Requirements:

  • Family and Medical Leave Act - Includes The Most Recent FMLA Update
  • Federal Minimum Wage - Includes The Most Recent Federal Min Wage Update
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act - Includes The Most Recent Update
  • Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law - Includes NEW GINA 
  • USERRA - Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
  • OSHA - Job Safety & Health Protection

Brief Descriptions:

Fair Employment (MA General Laws CH. 151B 7)

Discrimination against employees or potential employees is a severe crime in Massachusetts. This poster displays the state's zero-tolerance policy on discrimination.

Workers Compensation (MA General Laws CH. 152 21)

This mandatory labor law poster gives information to employees regarding filing a claim for any injuries or illnesses that occur while on the job. The Massachusetts State and Federal Labor Law Poster lets you be in compliance with this law.

Wage and Hour Law (MA General Laws CH. 151 16)

It is required for employers to place this labor law poster in a conspicuous area so that all employees are able to easily see their right to overtime and minimum wage payments.

Unemployment Insurance (MA General Laws CH. 151A 62A)

Employees must be covered by CA unemployment insurance, and must be made aware of the information on this poster so that they may either gain access to this insurance or file a complaint. Employees are also entitled to unemployment wages if they suddenly become unemployed through no fault of their own. The Massachusetts State and Federal Labor Law Poster lets you be in compliance with this law.

Sexual Harassment (MA General Laws CH. 151B, 3A)

Massachusetts state law forbids sexual harassment in the workplace, and enforces the responsibility of the employer to take steps to prevent harassment.

Parental Leave Act

Employees have certain rights, under Massachusetts' Parental Leave Act, to take unpaid leave so that they can see to family matters such as adoption, pregnancy, or seriously ill relatives.

Maternity Leave Act (MA General Laws CH. 149 105D)

Female employees have the right to take unpaid leave for situations revolving around pregnancy. The Massachusetts State and Federal Labor Law Poster lets you be in compliance with this law.

No Smoking Poster

It is prohibited to smoke in the workplace in Massachusetts, unless there is a designated area set aside for smokers.

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Download 2018 Massachusetts Labor Poster

April 20, 2018

In the state of Massachusetts, it is mandatory for employers to have certain labor law posters in the workplace environment. The 2018 Massachusetts labor law posters are available to download from government websites, and to be placed in a prominent location and readily visible to all employees. These notices contain important and pertinent information in regards to current labor laws and general terms of employment. The rights and labor laws that these labor law posters represent are in place for the protection of employees who no doubt are the most import asset to any small business or company.

Copies of the 2018 Massachusetts labor law posters can be found online via the website in an electronic PDF format for employers to retrieve and reprint as needed. There are twelve (12) total labor law posters. Aside for the Massachusetts State laws, it is also mandatory to post the federal requirements (as discussed in a previous post). Here are examples of what postings are on Massachusetts labor law posters that employers are mandated to post in a visible place, that all employees can see and have visible access to.

Massachusetts Fair Employment – This law protects employees from discrimination in regards to their race, color, and any disabilities.

Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation – Sometimes a work-related injury can be so severe as to prevent one from working. This law provides compensation to employees that are hurt on the job while working.

Massachusetts Minimum Wage – The Massachusetts minimum wage is $10/hour and will be increasing to $11/hour at the start of the 2017 calendar year.

Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance – This law provides temporary financial assistance to those who are let go from a job through no fault of their own despite being still able and willing to work.

Massachusetts Parental Leave – This law provides both genders, male and female, the same right of leave that is granted under the Massachusetts Maternity Leave.

Massachusetts Necessities Leave – Under this law, employees are granted time off from work for important and necessary activities such as doctor visits, appointments and other family obligations.

Massachusetts Maternity Leave – This law provides new mothers, either through birth or adoption, time off from work up to but generally not exceeding eight (8) weeks.

Massachusetts No Smoking – It is forbidden for individuals to smoke in public places such as bars, restaurants, workplaces, places of business, etc.

Massachusetts Paid Sick Leave – Eligible employees are able to accrue sick time which they can use to cover time absent from work due to an illness, injury or other related emergency.

The Free federal posters that are recommended to post along with the state posters are also available at Workplace Posters.

Massachusetts Minimum wage

Increases standard minimum wage and tipped employees minimum wage over the next five years:

Date Standard Minimum Wage Tipped Minimum Wage
January 1, 2017 -  $11.00 $4.15
January 1, 2019 -  $12.00 $4.35
January 1, 2020 -  $12.75 $4.95
January 1, 2021 - $13.50 $5.55
January 1, 2022 - $14.25 $6.15
January 1, 2023 - $15.00 $6.75
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