Do I have to eat lunch at my desk?

I work in Hartford Connecticut. My boss tells me that I have to eat lunch at my desk so I can answer the phone. Can he do that?


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    This subject isn't that straight forward. Aside from collective bargaining or working in education state law  requires the employer to provide a meal period after the employee has worked 7½ or more consecutive hours. However, the Labor Commissioner will exempt the employer from this requirement if one of the following conditions is present:
    a. complying with this requirement would endanger public safety;
    b. the duties of the position can only be performed by one employee;
    c. the employer employs less than 5 employees on that shift at that one business location (this only applies to that particular shift); or,
    d. the employer's operation requires that employees be available to respond to urgent conditions, and that the employees are compensated for the meal period.

    Meal period requirements are covered under 31-51ii of the Conn. State Statutes
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