Forced to work overtime

Hi I work as a paralegal in Nebraska and am being forced to work overtime. Meanwhile my wage during these hours remain the same, no overtime pay at this legal? Is my employer at fault? Should I contact the DOL? Thanks


  • The issue of paralegal overtime is usually decided on a case by case basis - best thing to do is to contact your local DOL and get a ruling from them. 

    The reason behind this is because paralegal overtime wages are based on your education level. The more advanced your degree, and the better your education in the field, the less likely you are to be entitled to overtime wages. A more intern-like level would definitely see overtime, however.

    You can find more information here:
  • Wow didn't know about any of that...hmm. I'll look into the link and judge for myself if I need to get the DOL involved I guess, thank you Michelli. 
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