Working at $10/hr, ovetime is only $5?

Hello I work extra shifts answering phone calls at the office to make some extra $$. When I receive my paychecks, they're only for $10 an hour, and my overtime checks are for $5/hr. I thought that overtime wages were 1.5x your regular wage?  What gives?


  • Hi Lisa, 

    You're correct in that overtime wages (in almost all cases) are 1.5 times the employee's regular wage, so your overtime checks of $5 may mean one of two things: 

    Your employer might not be paying you the correct overtime, in which case I would definitely contact him about this (or your local branch of the dept. of labor, if you'd rather).

    It's possible however that your employer is listing $5 on the paystub just to show how much extra you're gaining from the overtime wage, which means you are getting paid the current amount. You should double check with your employer or human resources department to clear this up. 

    Feel free to ask if you've any other questions!
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