GF works on commision, is there min wage?

Hi as mentioned in title my girlfriend works on a commission based position. Her flow of money is really up and down, sometimes she'll make a lot during a few weeks but then almost nothing during the next few. I want to know if there's a minimum wage that must be paid regardless of clients so that her income isn't so unstable.



  • It depends - your girlfriend may be considered an employee of the company, and therefor is entitled to minimum wage for the number of hours worked, regardless of clients. Also note that in this position she will not be entitled to overtime.

    If, however, she is considered a contractor, like most employees in the sales industry, by her company then there is no law that would require the company to pay her minimum wage.

    The best thing to do to find out which of these categories she would fall under is for her to ask her employer.
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