What to do if not being payed right amount??


i work at a fast food place and think i am being payed less then i should be. my wage is 7.25 per hour and i work at least 50 hours a week but when i am payed the check shows only for 40 hrs but then the overtime money is given to me in a envelope, cash. i asked my parents and they said that the voertime rate should be at one and a half of my regular rate but this is not happening right now, i only get 5 dollars per overtime hour.

is my manager being illegal? what should i do?

thank you


  • Looks like a case where you should contact the department of labor (DOL). Your check stub is showing 40 hours, which is good, but if you're being paid your overtime wage in cash, and at a lower rate than you should be (which is $10.87/hr), it seems like your manager is paying you "off the books" as the saying goes. That is to say, he's avoiding making those hours official and thus finding a way to pay you less than he should be, and this is definitely illegal.

    As I said, you should contact DOL. Their website is located here: http://www.dol.gov/ and you can just hover over Contact Us for the right contact info.

  • hi i will do this thank you very much for your help
  • Hey TheAdm, this actually helped me as well. Thank you!

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