How much to be paid for tipped employees?


What's the minimum wage for tipped employees in Florida? I know it's lower than the regular minimum wage but I'm wanting to know how tips would make a difference.



  • In Florida, the lowest wage tipped employees can be paid is $4.91 an hour. Note that this rate MUST total up to an average of the state's regular minimum wage of $7.93/hr when combined with tips.

    This means that  in the event that you do NOT receive tips to add to that $4.91 per hour, your employer is responsible for making up the missing sum. Essentially this means that no matter what, tipped employees will make at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25, assuming your employer is remaining dutiful and ensuring you receive your wage.

  • Hi Lindsay24,

    Kevin just about covered all the relevant info for wages regarding Florida tipped employees. 

    I'd just to like add that by the legal definition, a "tipped employee" would be defined as anyone receiving a minimum of $30 a month in tips. 

    Feel free to ask any other questions, if you've more.

  • Thank you!! saved me a lot of time looking all that up :)
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