Am I an Exempt employee and therefore not entitled to overtime?

I was told by my boss that the reason I don't get overtime is because I am an "Exempt Employee". What does this mean? Is this legal?


  • It really depends on how long you have been there and what you do in the company. There isn't a lot of information from your question. What do you do at your company? is it a salaried position or hourly?
  • I get paid by the hour.I work in the mailroom of my company. It's a pretty decent sized company. I don't even know if I'm the only one not getting overtime, but I know I'm not getting any now.
  • It seems like you should be receiving overtime. Exempt employees are usually managers or high skill positions that are excluded from overtime rules. and if your working in a larger business, you should be non-exempt. I would bring it up with your HR department if you have one, or maybe even contact a lawyer. 
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