youth wages

Hey guys im about to start working as a cashier at a local grocery store and just wanted to know what the wage is for some1 whos 16? the manager says hes going to start me of at $4.25 which seems relly low. thx for help


  • Hi eightball3,

    The wage the manager mentioned seems low because it's likely a training wage. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) allows employers to pay employees under the age of 20 a wage not less than $4.25 an hour for the first 90 days of employment. This time span is considered a training period, thus the lower wage.

    After 90 days, or if the employee turns 20 during this time, the wage must be increased to the standard minimum wage as per the laws of the federal government or state government, whichever is higher.

    Hope this helps,
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