Oregon Minimum Wage Increase Effective July 2017

Oregon’s scheduled minimum wage increase becomes effective on July 1, 2017.   Standard $10.25 per hour Portland Metro $11.25 per hour Nonurban Counties $10.00 per hour The rate of Wage increases will be a three tiered structure based on three different density groups. High-Density population areas including Portland’s urban growth boundary will see an increase […]

Adjusting Compliance for the Millennial Workforce

Every generation leaves its footprint on the general working populace, and today’s workplace is no different. One considerable factor is the millennial contingency that is starting to make up more and more of the working population. While other factors play a role such as computer automation or the job participation rate, millennials will play a […]

Printable 2018 Georgia State Labor Law Poster

Georgia is among a handful of States with business-friendly policies and tax incentives. While a light regulatory environment persists in the state, Georgia law does make a point of protecting its workforce. In fact, most of the Georgia required labor postings revolve around worker safety and injured workers’ rights. Printable 2018 Georgia labor posters are […]

Free Downloadable 2018 Ohio State Labor Posters

Keeping up to date with labor law posters is amongst the many tasks a human resource professional is responsible for. For employers in Ohio, this means keeping up to date with minimum wage, child labor laws, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and job and safety health. To obtain these Ohio labor posters and keep them up […]

Labor Compliance in the Marijuana Industry

When it comes to workplace compliance in the marijuana industry, many business owners want to know what will be different for their business compared to other retail or service industries. The reason for the murkiness in the first place stems from the fact that according to the federal government, Marijuana is still classified as a schedule […]

Labor Law Compliance for Pennsylvania

Labor law compliance for the Keystone state is governed by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. While the state of Pennsylvania’s 20178 minimum wage is the same as the federal minimum wage of $7.25, there are other laws that the state will mandate in order to maintain a safe and fair workplace. An example […]

2018 Illinois Labor Posters and Who Needs to Post Them

Labor compliance in Illinois is governed by the Illinois Department of Labor. In order to comply with state and federal labor laws, employers need to be display labor posters that explain regulations on minimum wage, workers’ rights and job safety. While some laws apply to all employers, there are others that apply only to specific […]

Free Printable 2018 Florida Labor Law Poster

The sunshine state is home to the fourth most American populous with over 20 million people. The economy is fueled by tourism, international trade, aerospace, and agriculture fuel economic activity as well as other robust industries such as health technology and construction. Labor posters are made available by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), […]

Are Changes Coming to the FLSA Overtime Rules?

Human Resource managers around the country may soon get a whole lot busier. The House of Representatives voted in favor of changing the overtime rule of time and-a-half in exchange for more paid time off. While this bill will still need to go through the Senate, there is still some debate as to whether this […]