Are Changes Coming to the FLSA Overtime Rules?

Human Resource managers around the country may soon get a whole lot busier. The House of Representatives voted in favor of changing the overtime rule of time and-a-half in exchange for more paid time off. While this bill will still need to go through the Senate, there is still some debate as to whether this […]

Labor Compliance Laws for New York State and NYC

The state of New York has been on a recent push to make the state more business friendly with tax incentives and subsidies. This should make the state more attractive for businesses looking for a place to set up shop. New York also has very strict anti-discrimination and workers’ rights laws that are required to […]

Texas Payday Law and Free Printable Texas Labor Poster

Texas is the second most populous state in the country and is host to many Fortune 500 companies, as well as regular and small sized businesses. Labor compliance is governed by the Texas Workforce Commission, who have required posters for all employees, or just required under the Texas Payday Law. The Texas Payday Law covers […]

Labor Compliance Posters for Arizona

When it comes to downloading Arizona state labor law posters, there are a few things to be aware of when choosing which labor postings to display. Free downloads of the Arizona labor posters are available, but because Arizona’s largest employer is the government, it pays to research which federal and state labor law posters apply […]

Free 2017 Massachusetts Labor Poster

In the state of Massachusetts, it is mandatory for employers to have certain labor law posters in the workplace environment. The 2017 Massachusetts labor law posters are available to download for free, and is to be placed in a prominent location and readily visible to all employees. These notices contain important and pertinent information in […]

California Labor Posting Requirements

California is the most populous state in the United States. With its abundant natural resources, booming tech industry, film industry, and the country’s leading agriculture producer, the country employs millions of workers. It is also amongst the most regulated states, thus making labor compliance something of a headache for many human resource managers and employers. […]

How to Download a Free Federal Labor Law Poster

     There are certain laws that must be displayed on  under federal law to be displayed in a work space. Although the enforcing of these laws vary depending on the workplace, the Department of Labor stresses that workers should know their rights, and these rights are to be posted in a prominent and accessible […]

Genetic Testing and GINA

Ever evolving understanding of the genetics and advancements in genetic-technology mean genetic testing or screening is becoming easier to conduct with each passing year. It is relatively simple and inexpensive to find out about the disease susceptibilities or predisposition to certain conditions through genetic testing. This gives individuals better health prospects as prior knowledge may […]