Idaho State 2017 Equal Employment Labor Poster Update

Idaho’s Department of Labor has recently issued its updated 2017 Labor Law Poster regarding equal employment. The poster along with the relevant posters issued by Federal as well as State authorities must be posted in a conspicuous location at all worksites. The poster reinforces Idaho’s strong anti-discrimination laws and offers guidance regarding anti-discrimination complaints. The […]

States with Laws for Family and Medical Leave

Here is a complete overview of states in the U.S. with laws requiring employers to provide family and medical leave to their employees: Family Leave Bill Clinton, former President of the United States, signed the Family and Medical Leave Act into law on August 5, 1993. Also referred to as FMLA, the labor law requires […]

Changes in Nebraska’s 2017 Unemployment Insurance Labor Poster

Over a year after the launch of Nebraska’s “reemployment program”, an updated version of the state’s “Unemployment Insurance: Advisement of Benefits Rights” notice has been released by the Department of Labor. The mandatory posting notifies those who are eligible to gain unemployment benefits of their responsibilities and rights under the law. There have been significant […]

E-Verify Employment Law Explained

Employers can only hire those who are legally approved to work in the United States. Natural-born U.S. citizens are able to work in the country, if they meet the minimum age requirements. Those born elsewhere, however, must complete the authorization process. For employers, it’s essential to ensure all their workers are eligible to work here, […]

Understanding Overtime: Employer & Employee Rights

Who Is Entitled to Overtime? Most employers are required to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, abbreviated as FSLA, which regulates wages and hours for employees, including overtime. Employers with $500,000 in annual gross sales are subject to the FLSA.  Smaller, less profitable employers also have to follow the FLSA if they are engaged […]

Obama’s Proposed Overtime Rule Blocked by Judge

Towards the end of his administration, President Obama turned his attention towards employees who were excluded from receiving overtime. According to the proposed new rule, more than 4 million Americans would have been eligible for overtime as a means of improving their wages. Over the years, the rate of inflation has increased faster than the […]

What are the Rights of Pregnant Women at Work?

Between October 2010 and September 2015, government agencies received nearly 31,000 charges of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. One of the most common complaints was that employers fired them because they were pregnant. Since the passing of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in 1978, workplace discrimination against pregnant women has been illegal in the United States. […]