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Colorado Minimum Wage Increase for 2017

Like New York and New Jersey, Colorado has also voted in favor of an increase in the minimum wage across the state. The state government after public voting in favor of the amendment adopted the change in law proposed under Amendment 70. According to the results of the polls, almost 55% of the people voted […]

Minimum Wage Increases vs. the U.S. Inflation Rate

The first minimum wage law was passed in 1894 in New Zealand. It covered all businesses and industries across the country. The second one was enacted in Victoria, Australia. That would be later in 1990. This one covered a few industries within the country. The U.K. passed its own set in 1909. It was introduced […]

Wisconsin Special Minimum Wage Poster Update

There has been a lot of criticism of the current labor laws. Unfortunately they have not been very fair for persons living with disabilities. The argument is that they are not as productive as the rest of the workforce. While enough is yet to be done to change this, some states have recognized the same […]


Despite the relatively low number of religious and or related infringement cases in comparison to other human resource compliance obligations, religious concerns have increased with the rise of religious plurality in the workplace. Here’s a checklist of your obligations as an HR representative. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), general charges related to religion entail […]