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Vermont Paid Sick Leave Labor Poster

The Vermont Legislature has passed a bill requiring employers to provide employees with paid sick leave, making it the fifth state in the US after Oregon, Connecticut, California and Massachusetts to enact a paid sick leave law. As a result, employers in the state of Vermont will be required to allow employees to earn paid […]

How to Obtain a Free New Jersey Compliance Poster

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development mandates employers to post several labor law posters in their place of employment. These free labor law posters represent and regulate the terms of employment and also protect employees in the workplace environment. New Jersey labor laws provide eligible employees with certain rights and benefits. These […]

Missouri Implements Minimum Wage Increase to $7.70

The State of Missouri recently announced the minimum wage will increase by a nickel from January 1, 2017. As a result, workers will receive $7.70 per hour from last year’s figure of $7.65 per hour. The increase is a consequence of a law approved by Missouri voters 10 years ago. Missouri’s Division Labor Standards is […]

New Vermont Minimum Wage is $10.00 for 2017

On January 1, 2017, employees in the state of Vermont will see extra 40 cents per hour added into their paychecks. The minimum wage in the state is going to increase to $10 per hour from $9.60 per hour. This increase in the state’s hourly minimum wage comes as a part of a legislation approved […]

Connecticut Increases Minimum Wage on Labor Poster

Lawmakers in Connecticut are being urged by an advisory panel to increase the minimum wage rate of the state to $15 per hour over several years.  James Bhandary Alexander, a legal aid attorney who leads Connecticut’s Low Wage Employer Advisory Board, believes that people working full-time should not be living in poverty and the most […]

New Minimum Wage For South Dakota 2017 Labor Poster

Based on South Dakota 2017 Labor Poster, employers will pay their workers nothing less than $8.65 per hour. This is for non-tipped workers. Tipped employees shall on the other hand earn 0.05 cents more from an initial $4.275. The new rate is in line with the federal rate of inflation. Inflation is majorly influenced by […]