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The Major Components of a Federal Labor Law Poster

     There are certain laws that must be displayed on  under federal law to be displayed in a work space. Although the enforcing of these laws vary depending on the workplace, the Department of Labor stresses that workers should know their rights, and these rights are to be posted in a prominent and accessible […]

For Exemptions of New Overtime Rules, It’s all about the “Duties Test”

      In a previous post, we discussed the new overtime rules that will become effective on December 1st, 2016. As mentioned, there were exemptions to the rules, in which certain professions or positions aren’t covered under the new overtime rules. In matter of fact, the new rules specifically states that the “Duties Test” […]

The Fight for a $15 minimum wage and potential fall out

There seems to be an all out push popping up all over the country for a $15 an hour Minimum wage. From fast food workers in New York and the hospitality industry in Seattle, to the recently passed minimum in Los Angeles and New Jersey, proponents of a $15 minimum wage have waged successful campaigns […]

Oregon’s Tiered Minimum Wage Increase to Be Enforced July 1st, 2016

Starting July 1st, Oregon will roll out the beginning of a complex six-year mandatory wage hike, which will be based on a tiered approach based on employer location. The different areas will have their wages increased tied to the density of their respective regions. The standard wage posted on the labor law poster will be […]

New Overtime Rules Effective 12/1/16

The Department of Labor has updated the rules in regards to how employers compensate their workers with overtime. Starting December 1, 2016, an estimated 4.2 million American employees can look forward to increased overtime pay in which they are currently ineligible to receive. The new rules were designed to raise the threshold of current overtime […]

Georgia Revises Unemployment Poster

In response to recent issues with their Unemployment standards, Georgia tacked on the words “through no fault of your own” onto their Unemployment Poster. These words clarifies the conditions set for receiving unemployment benefits. In addition, for each week a claim for benefits is made, a report must be made by the claimant containing all […]

Tennessee Updates Unemployment Insurance Law

The Department of Labor of Tennessee has updated their Unemployment Insurance law to include stricter requirements for insurance recipients. The labor law poster now indicates that insurance receivers must now prove that they have searched a minimum of three credible jobs per week, as well as recordings of their work searches written on a Tennessee […]

Washington Updates Workers’ Compensation Poster

Washington has added a new provision to its mandatory Workers’ Compensation labor law poster which requires employees to now inform their employer of work-related injuries, instead of just their health care provider. This change applies to all employees, be they self-insured or through the Washington Department of Labor and Industries. Employees insured under the latter can […]