Labor Law Posters

Ohio Preps Minimum Wage Laws For 2013

2013 Ohio Labor Law Posters

Ohio has revised a number of laws revolving around the Minimum Wage labor law poster, all of which will be effective on January 1, 2013. These revisions include:

  • An increase from $7.70 per hour to $7.85 as standing minimum wage for the state, to account for inflation
  • An increase from $3.85 per hour to $3.93 (plus tips) as standing minimum wage for tipped employees
  • Major adjustments to the exemption criteria for minimum wage. In addition to all previously exempted employees, those with any disabilities that may prove detrimental to their work, altruistic volunteers for private, non-profit food banks, workers that are inconsistently employed on one’s property, and employees who are under the age of 16 have all now been included.
  • Lastly, the maximum gross income of employers required to pay at least federal minimum wage to their employees has been raised from $283,000 to $288,000.