Labor Law Posters

New Year, New Laws

As we’re all aware, the coming of a new year heralds a wealth of changes in regards to labor law posters. In the unending effort to keep you updated, we’ve compiled a list of some of the changes late 2011 and early 2012 have brought to labor law:

  • A number of states have had an increase in their minimum wage, which means employers will have to update their poster. The states are: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Vermont, and Washington.
  • Connecticut has added the Paid Sick Leave poster, making the state amongst the first in the nation to allow such a law to go into effect. Employees may use these sick hours only after having worked for the employer for 680 hours. Interestingly, the passing of this law may have had something to do with the estimated $180 billion in productivity that is lost when sick employees show up to work and infect others.
  • New Jersey now requires employers to post the six page Employer Obligation to Maintain & Report Records, which is essentially a reminder to the employees that their employer must record and keep records that are required under the various NJ employment laws.
  • CA has updated its Discrimination & Harassment in Employment poster to include genetic information in the anti-discrimination list. In addition, the term “gender” in The Fair Employment and Housing Act now includes gender identity and expression.
  • Oregon’s Family Leave Act now encompasses cases regarding same-gender domestic partner’s children and parents.

Keep in mind that our posters are always up-to-date, and should you find yourself with outdated posters, know that you can purchase ours at any time.