Labor Law Posters

Keeping Your Posters Up to Date

There’s been a number of changes in regards to labor law posters in July. It’s important to keep yourself updated of such changes, as your posters should present only the most recent labor laws.

In the state of Colorado, the unemployment insurance poster has been updated to include the option of an online process for filing for unemployment insurance benefits. In addition, phone numbers for filing claims have been updated.

In Wisconsin, changes have been made to their child labor law poster, to properly reflect the revisions that were recently made as part of their state budget bill (as we discussed here). The poster now includes the new information concerning the number of hours that minors can be employed for and a requirement for employers to obtain work permits before a minor is hired.

Finally, in Missouri, an updated Discrimination poster has been issued. Simply put, the Missouri Human Rights Act makes it illegal to discriminate in any aspect of employment including hiring and firing, recruitment, compensation and fringe, and the poster has been changed to show this. For a good explanation of discrimination, take a look at one of our past blog posts.