How to Obtain a Free Massachusetts Labor Poster

In the state of Massachusetts, it is mandatory for employers to have certain labor law posters in the workplace environment. These free Massachusetts labor law posters are to be placed in a prominent location and readily visible to all employees. These notices contain important and pertinent information in regards to current labor laws and general […]

Laws on State and Federal Labor Posters and Enforcement

Without a labor law poster clearly explaining the obligations as a company and the rights of its employees, there is the risk of a obtaining a fine. The following is comprehensive guide for many of the labor laws to be displayed on labor law posters, and their respective enforcement agencies. Keep in mind that this may not […]

Colorado’s Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Workers that are pregnant are entitled to certain rights by their employers. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act of Colorado is a law that mandates these employers to provide certain accommodations to those employees that are affected by pregnancy. These rights should be made clear to all current and new employees and must be posted on […]

Sexual Harassment Definition, Legislation, and Governance

In today’s day and age, sexual harassment can take many forms and apply to many different types of people. While our different branches of government still argue over the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the current laws sex discrimination are founded in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The government agency that […]

Passing the Torch to the Human Resource Department

There comes a time in every successful company when the workload for the boss becomes too much. This is generally when the entrepreneur will start to delegate responsibilities to the different managers and employees. When it comes to many start-ups, the Human Resource department is from the last duties that an owner will relinquish. There […]

Minnesota Completes Faze-In of State Minimum Wage Hike

Beginning August 1st, 2016, Minnesota’s minimum wage has been increased to $9.50 per hour for large businesses, and $7.75 per hour for small businesses. This completes a three year plan that started back in August 2014, that lifted the state’s minimum wage from below the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour. The new minimum of […]

Federal Labor Law Poster Makes Some Changes

The Federal labor law posters recently underwent changes in regards to the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA), as well as an added rule regarding nursing mothers in the Fair Labor Standards Act section. The change to the EPPA is a relatively minor one which states that the law doesn’t preempt any provisions from any state […]

A Quick Guide to Break Times at Work

Everyday across America, workers are glancing at their watch waiting to take their next work break. For the average employee, company policy will allow a lunch break, as well as other smaller breaks throughout the day. A lot of workers would consider it a part of the inalienable right as a member of the United […]