Explaining the Laws Inside the Virginia State Labor Law Poster

While the Virginia State Labor Law poster may not include as many worker protections and regulations as some other states, there are still mandatory postings that must be displayed in the state of Virginia. These laws focus on employee safety, and benefits for low-income and recently unemployed workers. The 2017 Virginia State labor posters are […]

Are Changes Coming to the Oregon State Labor Poster?

Oregon’s Legislators have recently signed passed laws that will bring changes to the Oregon state labor posters in 2018. Currently, the labor posting requirements for the state of Oregon in 2017 are classified by business size, or if the business is considered an agricultural employer. All the required posters for Oregon state in 2017 are […]

Free 2017 Michigan State Downloadable Labor Law Poster

To comply with Michigan state and federally mandated labor postings, employers need to display the labor laws in a conspicuous location which is easily readable for the employees. These 2017 Michigan labor posters are free to download from the government websites. The agency that releases the posters is the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs […]

Oregon Minimum Wage Increase Effective July 2017

Oregon’s scheduled minimum wage increase becomes effective on July 1, 2017.   Standard $10.25 per hour Portland Metro $11.25 per hour Nonurban Counties $10.00 per hour The rate of Wage increases will be a three tiered structure based on three different density groups. High-Density population areas including Portland’s urban growth boundary will see an increase […]

Printable Georgia State Labor Law Poster

Georgia is among a handful of States with business-friendly policies and tax incentives. While a light regulation environment persists in the state, Georgia law does make a point of protecting its workforce. In fact, most of the Georgia required labor postings revolve around worker safety and injured workers’ rights. Printable Georgia labor posters are available […]

Free Downloadable 2017 Ohio State Labor Posters

Keeping up to date with labor law posters is amongst the many tasks a human resource professional is responsible for. For employers in Ohio, this means keeping up to date with minimum wage, child labor laws, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and job and safety health. To obtain these Ohio labor posters and keep them up […]