Massachusetts Minor Labor Law Updates

Massachusetts has made minor revisions to two of their labor law posters.

The Unemployment Insurance poster has had slight changes to its overall layout, and a new number has been listed for those suffering from hearing impairment.

Similarly, the Employee Polygraph Notice now includes a new TeleTypewriter (TTY) number. In addition, a Quick Response Code (QR) phone reader has been added.

Kansas State Poster’s Workers’ Compensation

Kansas has recently revised its Workers’ Compensation labor law poster to include the recent and significant changes its source law.

The changes have altered the time limit in which an employee may file a claim, the conditions that must be met when the claim is made through written or oral means, and lastly the benefits one is entitled to when paid by by the insurance carrier or self-insurance program.

The poster also includes the new office location and website address for the Division of Workers’ Compensation in Kansas.

Kentucky’s Updated Wage and Hour Laws Poster

Kentucky has added a number of changes to its Wage and Hour Laws labor law poster. Some more information has been added via a legal note concerning the state’s minimum wage.

The definition of employees who are excused from certain state laws regarding employees who work for more than forty hours a week has been elaborated on.

County employees are no longer included in the Overtime section of this poster, and are no longer entitled to overtime pay.

In addition, the  state has incorporated contact information into their Kentucky Wage Discrimination Because of Sex labor law poster. This information includes phone/fax numbers as well as a website address.


Hawaii’s Labor Law Poster Update

Hawaii’s Hawaii mandatory Occupational Safety and Health (HIOSH) labor law poster now no longer lists employees of military sites as those covered by its HIOSH program.

The list of covered employees now includes maritime/shipbuilding employees, employees covered by a federal agency, and those that are hired for domestic services related to a private home.

This poster is issued by the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.